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Offshore Company Formations

Does going abroad with your business sound like a great idea? Maybe you want to take advantage of favorable trade policies, maybe you want to better optimize your costs, maybe you want to escape the trade restrictions of your own country?

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Foundations Formations

Our experts can help you establish your company or private-interest foundation, which is the ideal vehicle for asset protection and estate planning.

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Golden Visa & 
Residency Programs

Are you looking for a second home? You're in the right place! We help you choose the best option for you and your family. You are one step away from becoming a citizen of the world!

trademark and ip protection

Your trademark and intellectual property assets are important which is why we are here to assist you in protecting them.

panama asset protection
Asset Protection

Trusts are, in a sense, the most trusted option for asset protection and international tax planning. We can advise on setting up a Panama or UAE company to protect your assets.

panama banking

We can help you open a bank account in various countries. This is not as easy as it sounds, but don't worry. We are happy to help you with your international bank.

Pay for service

Our best value services and peace of mind

$1,900 for Panama Corporation
  • Incorporation documents, resident agent, notarization and all legal work for you to obtain a Panama corporation.
  • You don't need to be physically in Panama to create the company.
  • Panama corporation provides global asset protection, anonymous ownership, confidentiality and a territorial tax regime.
Pay per hour

All the immigration or business advice you need as long as you need

$75 per hour
  • Access our experts in Panama territorial tax system, asset protection, company formation, offshore banking, payment processing, residencies, citizenships and more.
  • Get clear guidance on your next steps from experts you can trust
  • Speak with us as often as you need

Meet Some of Your Experts

panama business advisor
Jorge de Bello

Prior to joining Legal@Work™, Jorge was a well known immigration and corporate attorney in Panama. He advises on Panamanian golden visa and residency programs.

panama business advisor
Claudia perez

Claudia Perez founded Legal@Work™ in December 2019 after finding it difficult to find a reliable attorney to help open a company in Panama. An expat herself, Claudia can relate to her clients.

panama business advisor
jonathan Rodriguez

Experienced lawyer in both public and private sectors.  Jonathan advises on residency, company formation, trademark, IP protection, banking and more.

How we helped our clients

tax residency certificate
tax customer testimonial

With advise and support from LEGAL@Work™, Ian was able to obtain a tax residency certificate in Panama allowing him to file taxes on offshore income.

International Taxation
pensionado visa panama

Just over two weeks after speaking with LEGAL@Work™ Barry had applied for his pensionado residency and received his temporary residency card in Panama.

panama private banker
panama company setup

Stuart spoke to an expert at LEGAL@Work™ and following our assistance, he was introduced to a private banker and a few days later had a banking account opened.

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