Married to Panamanian

Are you married to a Panamanian? You can easily apply for Panamanian residency and citizenship if your spouse was born in Panama.

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Married to Panamanian

The language Panamanian Law uses to describe the relationship as a result of marriage is that they need to live together under conditions of singularity, stability and continuity. This implies not having a long-distance marriage as Panamanian immigration authorities are the capacity to visit the address provided and interview neighbors as an effort to verify if in fact a married couple recedes at a given address.

The permanent residency process includes having an interview with an immigration officer to verify that the marriage is a real.


Note: All documents presented for the first approval must be resubmitted except for criminal background check and low additional payment is required.

Family Reunification

Those who have obtained residency are in the capacity to claim certain family members as dependents and are eligible for residency as well. The family members includes spouse, children up to 18 years old (adults descendants of the resident may also apply if they are in the age from 18 to 25 as long as they maintain a student status. Family members with disabilities as well as the resident´s parents may also obtain residency through this.

Permanent Resident Permit for Family Relatives

Foreign spouses, children under 18 years of age, relatives with disabilities and parents dependents of a 2-year provisional resident, permanent resident or national. Children over 18 to 25 years old, may be requested as a dependent, provided they show that they study regularly and are under economic dependence of the resident or national.

The Resident or national who demonstrate to have the Guardianship or Custody and Upbringing of a minor person may request it as a dependent. This permission will be granted provisionally by the 2-year term, with the right to permanent residence


Income declaration must comply with a minimum income of 1,000 USD per month, plus 100 USD for each dependent.

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