Panama beaches you have to see!

Panama sits on the isthmus that serves as a bridge connecting North America and South America. Thanks to its geographic location, you can enjoy direct access to both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.

Beaches in Panama

There are countless islands across the country that make up most of its beaches and archipelagos or clusters of islands. If you are looking forward to a tropical getaway in Panama, you cannot miss any of the following!

Ferry Pearl Islands

Las Perlas Archipelago and The Pearl Islands is made up of more than 200 islands and islets lie off the Pacific Coast of Panama, most of which are uninhabited.  

The biggest island you will find there is Isla del Rey, among other tourist favorites like Isla Contadora, Isla Saboga, and Taboga. The beaches are of beautiful smooth white sand and a vibrant blue ocean, offering the opportunity of diving, snorkeling, sight traveling whales, as well as interacting with marine nature and its conserved ecosystem.

During the mating season of whales, you will be able to see and tour around the hotspot areas around July and October. You can also do a variety of activities such as windsurfing and kayaking along the waters of Las Perlas. If you enjoy diving or snorkeling, you will absolutely love the crystal-clear waters where different species of fish gather!

Getting to the island is quick and simple; you can choose to take a flight from the city for a 15-minute ride in the air or depart from Amador Causeway or Punta Pacifica through a ferry that will take you there directly.

San Blas Archipelago

San Blas is managed by the native Gunas, residents of the comarca of Guna Yala. Due to its natural protected beauty, it is a bucket list travel destination for both tourists and Panamanians alike. San Blas is made up of more than 250 islands surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters, almost 50 or 60 of which are inhabited by the locals.

You can participate in different activities depending on which island you decide to tour around. You will also be able to explore the culture of the Guna's through their cuisine and customs. The main island of San Blas is called Isla Porvenir, Guna Yala’s capital.

It is worth going around the atolls that surround it, like the Achutupu, where a sunken cargo boat has become an attraction for divers and the home of colorful fish. Beyond you will find Isla Perro, a popular snorkel spot with smooth white sand and clear sky-blue waters.

Contrary to popular belief, getting to San Blas is much easier than before. The windy roads have been paved for easier access and it only takes approximately two to three hours from the city. From there, you will take a boat to arrive at the islands of San Blas. You can plan to stay for a day like most people do, or sleep through the nights at the hotels and cabins of the archipelago.

Panama Beaches

Playa Bluff in Bocas del Toro

If you’re planning for a more rural and farther destination from the city, you will want to visit the province of Bocas del Toro. Bocas del toro is the heart of Panama’s best coffee producers, as well as one of the most beautiful nature settlements in the country. Within its borders, you will be able to visit Playa Bluff or Bluff Beach along the eastern coast of the country which is known for its strong surf. Bocas del Toro is also known for its star-studded beach located inside an island called Isla Colón, literally!

Beaches in Panama

Playa Estrella en Bocas del Toro

Isla Colón is home to Playa Estrella or Starfish Beach, where starfish lay to rest on the seafloor. It is a natural reservoir for starfish species, offering fine sand beaches, dense forests, and rich blue waters. The clear waters allow people to behold the constellation of bright orange starfish without having to dive. Their color contrasts beautifully against the white sand and the straight rows of palm trees that offer cool shade under the hot sun.

Beach in Panama

Isla Coiba

South of Bocas del Toro is where the province of Chiriquí is, where you will find equally beautiful beaches! Along the Gulf of Chiriquí, you will find Coiba Island, which was declared a World Heritage site in Panama by UNESCO. Off on the Pacific Coast of Panama, fine white sand and crystal-clear waters are characteristics of Coiba Island.

The diverse marine wildlife is also a nature lover’s favorite, as you can find different species of marine turtles, whale and tiger sharks, manta rays, and more! You can explore the perimeters of the island through diving, snorkeling, or taking a boat ride.

panama beach

Playa Blanca

Panama Beach

If you prefer to stay near the city, then you might want to go to Playa Blanca, which is less than a 2-hour car ride. There are several beach resorts on the way, like Hotel Riu Playa Blanca, Hotel Playa Blanca, Buenaventura, but you can also access the beach directly. It is a beach where Río Hato descends, and it is known for its soft white sand, warm turquoise waters, and peaceful Pacific Ocean view.


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