How to Protect Your Trademark in Panama

The trademark process in Panama starts by applying for it at the Panamanian Trademark and Patent Office

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Your trademark assets are important which is why we are here to assist you in protecting them.

The trademark could be a logo, a word, image, figure, a graphic, etc... The registration process begins by applying for the Panamanian Trademark and Patent Office.

Trademark Registration Process

1. An application form must be filled out with the following information:

  • Applicant contact information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Images of the brand, the logo in .gif or .jpg format. A color image is not necessary unless color is important to the logo.
  • Details of the product or service of the registered trademark. Classes are defined according to the latest edition of the Nice International Classification.
  • Priority document (if the trademark has been registered in another country and you want to claim priority, this is optional).
  • Power of attorney in the name of the law firm that will process the registration. Legalization is not necessary.

2. Trademark application is published on the “Gaceta Oficial”.

The application will be published during 60 days, during this time, opposition claims can be made against the registration application.

3. Opposition process

Given the possibility of an objection in relation to the trademark registration, the related parties must submit their objections to the Patent and Trademark Office.

4. Final Exam and Resolution

If there are no objections u observations, the final exam would be based on the trademark registration. The Panamanian Patent and Trademark Directorate is the one approving or denying the trademarks solicitudes if they do not accomplish with the requirements.

5.The trademark is registered

The Panamanian Patent and Trademark Directorate will notify the solicitant about the results and the property tittle expeditions.  

Trademark Requirements

  • Power of attorney or special attorney Duly Legalized
  • Submit six (6) brand labels.
  • Sworn statement on the use of the brand (Said declaration is delivered by the applicant on a simple sheet).
  • Request on petition sheet and/or memorial enabled with B/. 4.00 in stamps. (Which must be withdrawn at the DIGERPI offices and delivered once it is filled out correctly).
  • Fill out the Trademark Registration application correctly. (Download Application for Registration (trademarks))
  • Colon Free Zone Certification
  • Guarantee Certificate for B/.100.00 countersigned to the national treasury.
  • Claiming a priority right, if any, in accordance with international conventions.
  • Authenticated photocopy of the Notice of Operation or industrial, or of the provisional license
  • Regulations for the use of collective and guarantee marks Letter of consent if the person requesting registration is not the owner
  • Power and/or in Informal Management

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