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Cost of Living, Retirement Visa, Housing & Healthcare
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Cost of Living, Retirement Visa, Housing & Healthcare
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Panama Retirement Visa Information

Do you want a vibrant lifestyle with rich history and international cuisine worthy of New York or Los Angeles... Palm-filled virgin Caribbean beaches within minutes of the city... Quaint villages with beautiful mountains and thriving coffee industry... Panama offers one of the most diverse opportunities in the world.

Panama is a hub for all of Latin America. Its location is hurricane and natural disaster FREE! Only 2 hours directly flights from Miami EVERYDAY!

Legal@Work Panama retirement guide is a full guide on the benefits and drawbacks of retiring to Panama. Find out about the different expat, beach towns, luxury gated communities and locals. Panama is extremely safe and welcomes expats from North America, Europe and beyond.

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  • Lifetime retiree residency at low cost
    Panama offers its pensionado / retiree residency to those who benefit from a “lifetime” monthly pension issued by a qualifying government or a private financial institution of at least USD 1,000 (1,250 minimum for joint application with spouse) or its equivalent.
  • USD American Dollar Main Currency
    English language widely spoken, American brands and USD dollar main currency. No need to learn exchange rates or worry about a devaluing currency as the Panama Balboa is pegged to the US dollar.
  • Become a Panama tax resident (0% territorial tax)
    Say goodbye to paying heavy Corporate Taxes and enjoy 100% repatriation of profit and capital. Panama does not have any income or corporate tax on earnings outside of Panama. In order to avoid double taxation of foreign companies, Panama has signed Double Taxation Agreements with many countries across the world.
  • Gain Panamanian residency for you and your family
    In Panama you will find a great balance between professional and family life. Sitting on the middle of the Caribbean and only 2 hours from Miami.
  • Enjoy beautiful landscapes and tropical waterfalls
    Panama runs along both the Pacific and Caribbean with its city area surrounded between by tropical lushness and mountains.
  • Thriving community of expats
    Thriving pensionado community of expats, great restaurants and culturally interesting activities.
  • Pensionado Discounts
    25% discounts on restaurants, hotels, utilities, medical bills and more. Exemption of duty taxes for up to 10,000USD in value.
  • Caribbean living and NO Hurricanes!
    Lying within the minutes of the Caribbean, it has gorgeous sandy beaches, alongside luxurious and ultra-new urban architecture that combines for a unique experience. Due to Panama position it avoids hurricanes and natural disasters.
  • Enjoy a beach lifestyle and warm climates
    Panama's beautiful beaches and warm climate have made it a popular location for Americans to retire in recent years.
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Why Choose Panama

  • Territorial tax system
  • Pensionado / retirement visa for life
  • Great mix of American, Canadian and European expats
  • Warm climate safe from hurricanes and natural disasters
  • One of the safest countries in the world
  • Only need to visit Panama once every 2 years to maintain permanent residency
  • One of the lowest cost pensionado residency program in the world
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  • Forbes & International Living named Panama in the top place to retire in 2022
  • Fastest growing economy in Latin America for hobbies and investment opportunities
  • Panama has the lowest cost of living
  • Tocumen International airport is a hub for inexpensive travel to other parts of Latin America

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