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Legal @ Work provides individuals and businesses with real estate services including leasing, acquisition, and development counsel to institutional investors, for office, industrial, and retail properties. We are sought after for services relating to real estate and construction litigation and dispute resolution.

Panama Real Estate Market

Real estate in Panama is safer for foreigners than other countries since foreigners have the same rights as Panamanians. Additionally, Panama's public registry allows for property owners to record their tittle deeds. In Panama, law firms can complete real estate transactions without the need for a licensed realtor or broker.

Real Estate Ownership Rights in Panama

Panama’s Constitution states that property ownership by foreigners will be treated the same as its citizens. Property ownership is an inherent right under Panama’s Constitution.

Law 54 of 1998 describes how foreigners are protected. The law mentions that foreigners have the right to commercialize their goods, products and participate in trade, industry, exporting and importing.

Real estate transactions in Panama are safe since they protect private ownership and foreign business. We offer Spanish and English speaking attorneys and staff. We offer full service Panama legal services.

Purchase property direct from the local banks

Many of the local Panamanian banks sell properties including land, commercial and residential units. For a list of current property sold by banks in Panama click the links below.


panama bank BAC credomatic

The bank offers financial services to over 3.6 million clients across Central America and employs over 21,000 people. In 2010 the bank was acquired by the Colombian holding company Grupo Aval.

Properties for Sale Direct from BAC


panama bank multibank

Multibank Inc. was created 1990, and is one of the largest capital banks in Panama. Through its local subsidiaries, they provide factoring, financial leasing, fiduciary, insurance, asset management and brokerage services, among others. The SME segment represents 40% of their total business portfolio.

Properties for Sale Direct from Multibank

Global Bank

panama bank global bank

Global Bank is a 100% Panamanian bank founded on 1994. It has 38 branches across Panama, and more than 141 ATM all over the country.  More than 1,700 people work for Global Bank at this time. Global Bank offers a competitive online banking system.

Properties for Sale Direct from Global Bank

Banco General

panama bank banco general

Banco General was founded in 1955. Banco General is the largest private capital bank in Panama. It operates throughout the country through more than 75 branches and 600 ATMs.

Properties for Sale Direct from Banco General

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