Panama Currency Exchange

Here is the quick guide on how to change your currency in Panama City, Panama.

Did you just arrived in Panama and don't know where to change your money? This article is for you!

When you arrive to Panama City through the Tocumen International Airport, the first place you will have access to make your currency exchange will be RedPlus, an exchange house with three locations at the airport; with exchange of dollars, pounds, euros and yen. Likewise, there is Travelex with two branches: Duty Free area and level 100.

National Bank of Panama is a Bank for Currency Exchange

If what you are looking for is a bank to make the change of currency, you can go to the branch of the National Bank of Panama; but if you are already in the city; here are some sites that might be of interest to you. It will surely be of help and you will have a reference of where to go, call and consult before approaching the commercial premises so that you can compare exchange rates and get the best offer available.

Globar Currency Trade

Located on Calle Ricardo Arias, in the center of Panama City, it offers money exchange, purchase and sale of precious metals and even bitcoin. Feel free to call 263-9400 or 6263-1571 for more information.

Money Exchange

In this place, you can find MoneyGram, DHL and a service to send money to Venezuela; The place has reviews that acknowledge it for its excellent exchange rate and easy location. They have a variety of currencies and you can consult more at 6676-6607, number for calls and WhatsApp.


In local 1 of the Macondo Building in the banking area, in front of the Costa Azul restaurant; You can call 263-9400 or write to 6106-2562.

Panacambios S.A.

Located in Plaza Regency, their contact number is 223-1800. In this shopping plaza, you find parking lots.


Do you remember the exchange office at the airport? If you are looking to exchange money inside the Multiplaza shopping center, they have a branch here.

In all branches, exchange operations are subject to the currency values and the policies of each exchange house, so our best advice is that if you are looking for the best offer, make a few calls before choosing the place and approaching.

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